The 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S Has Optional Lightweight and Sport Packages


While 992-generation Porsche 911s are now on sale, hardcore enthusiasts are still waiting on the more serious models to arrive. Sure, you can get the fantastic Carrera S and will soon be able to order the fire-breathing, 640-hp 911 Turbo S, but those are wicked quick luxury sports cars. Stripped-out track cars like the GT3 and GT2RS aren’t yet available for this generation, so until they are, you might have to settle for a Turbo S with the new Lightweight and Sport packages.

The Lightweight Package, announced Tuesday in a press release, shaves 66 pounds from the standard Turbo S, with trimmer acoustic glass, lightweight front bucket seats, reduced sound deadening, and a rear-seat delete. It also includes performance options like the PASM Sport Suspension and Sport Exhaust System—two options I’d spec on every 911. In essence, the Lightweight Package is the enthusiast-oriented, sporty option pack for the Turbo S.

I assumed that the “comprehensive Sport Package” Porsche announced would have filled that role, but it’s not quite as performance-focused as the Lightweight Package. Instead, it focuses on adding additional visual flair on top of the already available Sport Design Package. That means that—in addition to the Sport Design side flairs, front fascia, and rear deployable wing—you also get extra gloss black accents, dark silver wheels, and taillights in what Porsche calls “a special design.” No pictures have been released, so I’ll have to withhold judgment on the taillights, wheels, and black trim.

Coupe models with the Sport Package also get a carbon fiber roof, though the package (sans carbon roof) is still available for the cabriolet. The Lightweight Package is coupe only, though.

Pricing hasn’t been announced, but Porsche’s weight-saving and design options rarely come cheap. Given that the carbon-fiber roof alone costs nearly $4000, assume both packages’ prices will land well north of that figure.

By: Mack Hogan, March 24, 2020

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