A professional management company focused on handling every aspect of vehicle ownership.


Asset Management

Auto Concierge is a proper Vehicle Asset Management company that provides a full suite of services designed around managing your vehicle(s) as you would any of your other investments.  With our proprietary asset management software we can manage the most temperamental of clients’ assets and ensure they are always in proper mechanical and electrical operating condition.

Dealer Management

Ensuring your vehicle operates at peak-performance is paramount. That is why our top-of-the-line dealer management services and dealer relationships are designed to keep your vehicle(s) in precise working order.


Should your activities/adventures require your vehicle(s) transported, we will ensure efficient and safe shipment of your prized possession(s). From local track days to a rally around the world, we operate our own transporters and have the logistical infrastructure in place to keep you focused on enjoying the most important part: driving.

Sales and Acquisitions

Have a new acquisition in mind… our search team can lead the hunt to identify and acquire the cars of your dreams, especially if it is a rare, limited production vehicle or simply hard to find. Have a vehicle asset you want to sell? We can handle all aspects of the sales and closing process.

Documentation & Legal

Managing assets, acquisitions and sales requires astute understanding of taxes and the legal entities that sometimes hold these vehicular assets. We can advise on asset LLCs and other entities (e.g. 501(c)(3)s) to most efficiently acquire, enjoy and sell these assets. Other unique services include import customs, DMV and registration requirements.

Vehicle Exercise & Care

Every sophisticated machine must be periodically fired up to stay in prime operating condition. Therefore, we offer bespoke vehicle exercise programs that are designed specific to every clients’ vehicle(s) to ensure they are in proper working condition and drive-ready.

What Clients Say

We specialize in the management of assets from these manufacturers:

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