An Introduction To Auto Concierge



Time is of the essence. It is a never-ending march toward the future and neither slows nor stops for any man.  Time is completely finite, making it the ultimate resource. Once a moment in time has passed, that moment is gone forever.

Auto Concierge creates time. Specifically, it creates time for its members by removing the mental and emotional strain of finding the right luxury car storage company and facility. Auto Concierge has created the perfect environment for auto enthusiasts who need to properly maintain their rare, historic, or exotic vehicle, mainly because the company was a concept of a self-described devoted car aficionado.

Scott Elrod, the CEO of Auto Concierge, created the company out of his love of cars and the necessity for a premier auto storage service in the Los Angeles area. “I’ve always had a passion for cars, since rebuilding my first one with my dad at the age of 15; they have been a huge part of my life. Los Angeles is a huge mecca for automobiles, I figured why not create a business around my passion.  I did some research and discovered there were very little options available for vehicle storage (at least none I’d consider handing off the keys to my Bel Air to) and God forbid I needed something done. Who do I call, who can I trust? Not satisfied with those answers, I figured there was an opportunity here, so I created Auto Concierge.”

Auto Concierge is “more than just storage” but that isn’t just a fancy tagline, that’s a reality. The company is focused on handling every aspect pertaining to owning a rare or exotic vehicle. Storing a vehicle is a large part of the puzzle, but there are several other pieces that fall into place to complete the whole picture.  Auto Concierge offers concierge, transport, and maintenance services as well as vehicle care and exercise for each vehicle that is housed in the Los Angeles compound. There will be a complete review of each of the services provided in the future to better illuminate what makes Auto Concierge distinct.

“Most ‘auto enthusiasts’ will attest that their enthusiasm for their vehicle extends well beyond simply owning and driving one. It is more of an expression of their individuality and lifestyle,” says Scott. “At Auto Concierge, we understand this and as a result have built our business around everything auto.”

It’s just a matter of time before Auto Concierge is known as the premier service for luxury car storage in Los Angeles.  If you are in need of the exclusive services that this company offers, please fill out the form under the ‘Contact’ tab at the top of the website.  And in the interim, expect more engaging dialogue that will accentuate the many aspects of this burgeoning brand.

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