Say Hello to the “Pearl of the Gulf” Bentley Bentayga

Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, McLaren, Ferrari… and Bentley. All of them have special departments catering exclusively to the world’s super rich. If Sir or Madam would like something fitted to their car that isn’t on the options list, or for their car to be painted in a special colour, it’s these departments that handle the work. And charge handsomely for their time, naturally.

Bentley’s is called Mulliner, and this is its latest creation – a Bentayga five-off inspired by “the Arabian Gulf’s rich pearl diving heritage”. The Bentayga “Mulliner Pearl of the Gulf” W12 features white paint, a leather interior trimmed in “Brunel” and “Linen” hides and a Breitling clock with a mother-of-pearl dial. Contrast gold stitching and thick lambswool rugs complete the look.

The big thing, though, is a secure lockbox hidden in the centre console, complete with a fingerprint scanner. Bentley says the cubby is the “ideal place to stow valuables while at the beach or utilising valet parking services”. Right.

Mechanically, this is a regular W12-engined Bentayga – meaning 600bhp and 663lb ft from 12-cylinders and 6.0-litres, enabling an indecent 0-62mph of four seconds flat and a top speed of 187mph. Cost? If you have to ask…

By: Tom Harrison, March 20, 2019

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