A Better Look at McLaren’s New GT Supercar

Remember we brought you the new of McLaren’s new supercar? No, not the 250mph slippery one, nor the one made out of Lego. The other new McLaren. The grand-touring one.

Well, here it is. Almost. The armour-plating that hides the new car’s shape has gone, but camouflage wrap still conceals the details.

What we can see is that there are enormous air intakes directing a draught to a V8 that lies behind the seats. Seats numbering two – there’s not a three-seat Speedtail layout. But we are promised a more luxurious-than-usual cabin. And enough room in the boot for skis.

The exhausts exit lower down the body than the 720S, so the diffuser is smaller. Downforce is second to refinement on the priority list here. You can find out more about McLaren’s pitch for the newcomer (minus the tedious NewRules marketing tosh) by tapping on these blue words.

We’ll see the finished car early this summer. Will you be holding fire on your Aston Martin DB11 AMR purchase? Or are we at V8 McLaren supercar saturation point?

By: Ollie Kew, April 3 2019

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