Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enlist the services of Auto Concierge?

To get started, please call (310) 979-5900 or use our contact page to inquire and initiate the process.

What kind of vehicles does Auto Concierge manage?

We manage a wide variety of vehicles, from classics to hypercars.  Please contact us to qualify for a private tour and get the process started.

Why are other companies less expensive than Auto Concierge?

Auto Concierge is an asset management company, not a parking structure or dry storage. If you compare typical per annum total costs associated with properly managing a unique automotive asset versus dry storage, not only is your vehicle going to be ready when you want it, but long term your investment will be less.  To see these economics, contact us.

Does my vehicle need to carry liability insurance while under the management of Auto Concierge?

Yes, we require all members to carry a current liability policy on all vehicles under our management.

Do you do frequent checks on the vehicles?

We provide a variety of management services that ensure your vehicle(s) are properly maintained while under our care. Ranging from procurement to sales and all the bits that fall between. To learn more about our full range of management and service offerings, please contact us.

Why should I entrust my vehicle with Auto Concierge?

Auto Concierge is the perfect solution for the car enthusiast who understands the importance of properly managing and maintaining a rare, historic or high-performance vehicle. Most “auto enthusiasts” will attest that their enthusiasm for their vehicle extends well beyond simply owning and driving one. It is more of an expression of their individuality and lifestyle. At Auto Concierge, we understand this as a result, we have built our business around everything automotive.

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