Auto Concierge is the perfect solution for car enthusiasts who understand the importance of properly managing and maintaining a rare, historic, or high-performance vehicle. Most aficionados will attest that their enthusiasm for their vehicle extends well beyond simply owning and driving one, but that it is also an expression of their individuality and lifestyle. At Auto Concierge, we understand this and have built our business around this philosophy.  From advising and structuring the acquisition of your asset to handling the sales process (if presented), all while maintaining them throughout the hold period – this isn’t storage its asset management.


Pending the vehicle, manufacturers recommend a maintenance schedule based on usage and/or timing to ensure optimal performance. Our top-of-the-line dealer management services are designed to ensure every specific vehicle is properly maintained under our base asset management services, which include but are not limited to:

  • Annual Service
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Manufacturer Notices/Recalls


Vehicle transport, whether to a racetrack, a rally or concours d’elegance, can easily become a logistical nightmare. Auto Concierge operates its own transporters for local and regional transporting and therefore provides a very careful, hands-on approach to moving clients’ vehicles. Likewise, we manage our trusted national and international partners to transport clients’ assets over longer distances, so your vehicle(s) are cared for and arrive where and when you expect them. Our exclusive transport services include:

  • Local, Regional, National, International
  • Import & Export


Our most pleased clients contact us before they even acquire a vehicle for us to manage.  If you are in search of a specific or rare automotive asset, our team can advise and manage the search – nationally or internationally – to locate and secure the vehicle of your dreams.  We can also advise how to hold that asset, whether in an LLC or 501(c)(3), pending the planned usage, hold period, etc.  Similarly, if you have an asset that you wish to sell, Auto Concierge can handle all aspects of a confidential sales process.  Auto Concierge, as your trusted advisor and manager in securing and liquidating assets, respects and protects your time and privacy when transacting in the open market.


Managing assets and acquisitions, whether domestically or internationally, requires an astute understanding of taxes and the legal entities that may sometimes hold these assets.  Auto Concierge can advise and manage all acquisition requirements, from international import customs to local DMV requirements.  Other services include but are not limited to:

  • Appraisals
  • DMV Registration(s)
  • Asset Holding Entities – LLC, 501(c)(3)


Whether you’re looking to increase performance or restore your vehicle to its original splendor, the selection and management of this process must be done correctly and efficiently. Auto Concierge has 10+ years of relationships with the best teams in the aftermarket automotive community to efficiently manage your desired customization or restoration process.


To ensure the proper exterior and interior care along with conditioning, we offer these in-house vehicle care services:

  • Clay Bar
  • Polish & Wax
  • Color Correction
  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Wheel Repair
  • Leather Repair


As avid auto enthusiasts, the Auto Concierge team actively participates in special events, from the Monterey Motorsports Reunion to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, so we are fully experienced with managing clients’ preparation and participation in many event types, including:

  • Rallies
  • Concours d’Elegance
  • Track Events


To ensure your vehicle asset is always running as designed and at peak-performance, Auto Concierge management services include a bespoke vehicle exercise program, as outlined in each vehicles’ profile in the company’s Asset Management System. Each vehicle checklist runs the power plant and its components through a complete heat cycle, ensuring proper heating of all fluids and lubrication of the vehicle’s mechanical and suspension components. These steps help prevent seals and gaskets from deteriorating due to lack of use, flat spotting of tires, allow the ECU and electrical systems to run internal diagnostics, and provides the charging system with proper battery maintenance. Auto Concierge’s procedures and protocols ensure client vehicles are properly maintained and drive-ready, regardless of the overall asset usage.


Your assets are anything but average and deserve the utmost in high-tech security. Auto Concierge offers the highest-rated vehicle management facilities in the greater Los Angeles area with a capacity to manage onsite 300 vehicles between Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and the South Bay. We value your privacy, so protecting your confidentiality and your vehicles are one of our highest priorities. Our base Asset Management services include secured space (as seen below) with:

  • Climate Controlled with Air Filtration
  • Video Surveillance
  • Off-site Monitoring
  • Access Control
  • Insured
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